Access to highly rated health, dental and employee benefit plans that are affordable and locally serviced. The Chambers Plan is designed specifically for small businesses. It gives small business owners and entrepreneurs premium stability and access to group insurance and employee benefits that previously were only available to large corporations. For more information click here

Chambers Plan is a non-profit pooled benefit plan, meaning insurance premiums are based on the average of claims across all participants. When your claims are bundled together, costs stay manageable and predictable without any one firm ever being singled out for an increase. The Chambers Group Plan has available group coverage for firms with 1-50 employees.

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan has been protecting Canadian firms for over 40 years. More than 30,000 small to midsize businesses choose the Chambers Plan to protect their employees with comprehensive group benefits, including Health and Dental insurance, making it Canada’s #1 employee benefits plan for small business.

12 Reasons to Choose the Chamber’s Employee Benefit Plan

No Minimum Company Size

Big savings and full benefits are available to firms with as little as one employee.

Rate Stability

Claims are averaged and pooled with more than 27,000 companies just like yours, so you won’t be penalized with a rate increase because of high claims.

Fast, Accurate Payments

Most health and dental claims turn around in 48 hours.

Guaranteed Renewable

The Chamber’s Plan guarantees your firm and renew coverage as long as you pay your premium each month.

No Industry Restrictions

All for-profit businesses are eligible to participate in the Chambers plan as long as they are members of a participating Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade.


Chambers Plan operates under the direction of the not-for-profit Chambers of Commerce Insurance Corporation of Canada.

Tax Effective

Full benefits are available to firms with 1 employee.

Guaranteed Approval

With three or more full-time people, you can choose options guaranteed coverage to you and your employees.

You Choose the Coverage

Every firm participating in the Chambers Plan has a custom benefit program addressing specific needs.

Outstanding Service

The Plan’s Service Centre works in concert with you exclusive, local Chamber Plan advisor to give you answers to all your questions.

Easy Online Portal

Claims are averaged and pooled with more than 27,000 companies just like yours, so you won’t be penalized with a rate increase because of high claims.

You Control the Cost

Customization puts you in control so you get top value for your dollar.

Your Chamber’s Agent will tailor a plan to meet your coverage or budgetary needs. This could include building a plan from scratch or matching an existing plan design that you may have.

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